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Vacuum Packaging-Double ChamberDZ-500-2SB
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Product Description

Double vacuum chamber vacuum packaging machinery suitable for high production. Machinery are made of stainless steel according to CE and are equipped with a volumetric electronic sensor to constantly control vacuum and gas packaging. Vacuum cycle can be excluded it is possible to control air immission in the chamber.

The double vacuum packing machinery with high density polyethilene plates to reduce chamber volume are supplied with the machine. Upon request, machinery can be assembled with gas injection attachment. The vacuum step can be more speedy with powerful pump.


Model: DZ-500-2SB
Pump(m3/h): 20*2
Power: 0.9*2
Work cycle(times/min): 1-2
Gross weight(kg): 287
Net weight (kg): 233
Carton size (mm): 1500*810*1080

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