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Full Automatic Map Tray Sealer (HV-550)
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Full Automatic MAP Tray Sealer 
HV-550 Series Full Automatic MAP Tray Sealer is the new generation MAP tray sealer which is elaborate research and developed by  According to the massive feedback information of our first generation MAP Tray Sealer from customers in the past years. HV-550 Series MAP Tray Sealer had been improved and optimized in the aspect of rnn ing efficiency, stability and energy conservation. 
Thanks to the high standard gas exchange rate, high-precision modified atmosphere mixed rate and smooth beautiful sealing effect, HV-550 Series MAP Tray Sealer have excellent performance in the shelf time, freshness and nutrient color of food packaging. HV-550 Series MAP Tray Sealer suitable for modified atmosphere packaging of code fresh meat, chick food, red meat, cheese, fruits and vegetables. 

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